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GTA 5 Buying Businesses & Investing In Stocks (GTA V Gameplay)

GTA 5 will be the new addition for the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar. Here you will find all your GTA 5 needs, GTA 5 Trailers, GTA 5 News, GTA V screen…


  • 2252nemesis 8 months ago

    im going to lose all my money in the stockmarket, then go kill myself….. respawn at a hospital and do it all over again.

  • Doga gor 8 months ago


  • Luis Joe Suarez 8 months ago

    Says the one arguing on youtube….

  • Da2inchslanger 8 months ago

    Love GTA cant wait till it comes out

  • PeteCunn54 8 months ago

    I liked playing this game, is unbelievable! That you can do practically anything nowadays and you can’t get enough… Is really funny to try out with any other NPC character and to make them do things! The only sad thing is here, the fact that I’ve got a limitation: I just play only one in 3 game lines … but is sufficient to obtain the taste of this game. If you’d like this beta version, We’ve get it from here goo.glFeI7s

  • Alucard 8 months ago

    You don’t have to be a **** about it, my point was it was out of the blu- Yeah i’m wasting my time here, no one ever learned anything from a youtube argument, especially a ******** like you

  • Jesus Condom 8 months ago

    I hope

  • hoi1153 8 months ago

    it’s gta so probably 

  • LegendaryDevonn12 8 months ago

    I enjoy Rue more than Ollie.

  • guywithbrush 8 months ago

    I just want to kill pedestrians and laugh at the posters with my friends i dont want to worry about stocks in a video game xD

  • HiddenValley832 8 months ago

    You should spell the Youtuber’s name right if you think they are better, stupid.

  • HumZaHx123 8 months ago

    Oille43 wannabe

  • Sam Duddridge 8 months ago

    Can’t wait till it comes out :D

  • antman1432 8 months ago

    I liked subscribed favorite and its on my playlist also its in my watch it later

  • antman1432 8 months ago

    This is awesome

  • MyVideosPaul 8 months ago

    Ça a l air trop classé

  • EFK GOOD 8 months ago

    check out my channel for cool gta mods if you like what you see sub to me :) !

  • lumberingdeer55 8 months ago

    There’s a like, heres a comment, 3

  • TheAVboy1 8 months ago

    i realllyy wannnt to wiinn a coppyy of gta 5

  • AllanFrankland 8 months ago

    I am going to loose so much money figuring out how to use the stock exchange, then again I have a super brain.

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